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Brief Introduction on Technical Training

As a high-tech product, laser equipment need to be operated by skilled staff with rich experience; therefore, many enterprises need to cultivate high-quality staff and keep their skills in each aspect in pace with the times, so as to meet the requirements of the companys growing business. As a first-class enterprise in the laser industry, TETE owns a large group of laser application experts with rich experience and solid technology. They have many years of rich experience in laser application and equipment operation. Relying on its own technical advantages, TETE Laser offers a series of theory and product application training courses to the customers. Meanwhile, it can also offer flexible customized training according to the requirements of customers.

Training Content
  • Classroom Training

  • Practical operation

  • On-line Learning

  • Customized Training

  • 01

    With professional and experienced training experts

  • 02

    Helping improve the system performance

  • 03

    Improving technical capacity of customer service staff

  • 04

     Investment can be receive a fast return

  • 05

    It can save time and costs through the online learning solution which can be visited all day long

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