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Regular Maintenance

As a processing equipment with special process, laser equipment plays an important role in today’s industrial production and is an indispensable processing tool for many enterprises. Therefore, the fault of laser equipment will not only affect the production efficiency of enterprises, but also will directly affect the processing progress of products and cause economic loss to the enterprise under some situations. It appears vital to maintain normal operation of laser equipment, reduce the occurrence probability of accidents, prolong its service life and carry out effective preventive maintenance and testing.


As a first-class enterprise in laser industry, in order to effectively avoid these sudden faults for the customers, TETE will provide factory-level preventive maintenance and advanced preventive diagnosis to laser equipment of customers, so as to guarantee that your equipment meet various standards and run safely all the time. Meanwhile, during the contract period, customers can also gain several service commitments, such as 24-hour hot-line, emergent supply of spare parts and quick repair on site. Besides, our flexible expert supports are offered, such as online online management of assets, remote diagnosis by experts, regular site inspection and system safety assessment.


Customized maintenance plan can make your equipment operate safely and healthily, which is the most efficient and reliable service solution.

Features of Regular Maintenance

Factory level maintenance, the effectiveness of maintenance can be guaranteed.

The particularly developed diagnosis equipment and testing tool can guarantee that your equipment work efficiently for a long time.

The globally unified maintenance service management platform can unify the maintenance plan and technology and make the reports traceable.

Our strong service team covers widely, with strictly guaranteed service quality.

Hot-line support for 24 hours throughout the year.

Commitments of quick repair at the site and emergent shipment of spare parts.

The combination of maintenance and diagnosis makes preventive maintenance more scientific, pertinent and effective.

With multiple contract options, the customers can choose from them more flexibly based on the actual situation.

Combined with consulting service, the customer’s system can be safeguarded in an all-round manner.

Benefits to Customers
  • 01

    Maximizing of operation time

  • 02

    Optimizing  equipment asset  management

  • 03

     Controlling your maintenance budget

  • 04

    Guaranteeing consistency with different standards and safety


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