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Multifunctionalupdate service

As an important component of laser equipment, the software plays a vital role in the overall performance of the equipment. As a first-class laser equipment enterprise, TETE has a professional software development team and has independently developed a series of software for laser applications such as laser marking, cutting and welding. In the actual use, to help the customers to better produce, in the earlier stage we usually will install and debug software for them; while in the later stage, we will also tailor and upgrade the software based on their needs. Through such kind of all-round and multi-level software service, we can help customers prevent, discover, solve problems, enable their laser system to operate stably and efficiently and create higher values for their processing and production.


  • 1During the warranty period,free installation service of software is provided

  • 2During the warranty period,free software debugging service is provided

  • 3During the warranty period,free unified software upgrade service is provided

  • 4Software system is reformed based on the needs of customers

Phone Call Support

Customers can call our technical service hot-line to receive help from our senior software engineers at the first moment.

E-mail Support

You can send your question to our mailbox of technical support. Our technical engineers will reply you with a solution in time.

Online technical support

You can communicate or leave a message for us on our official website or WeChat platform, we will give a timely reply to you.

Remote real-time technical support

In case of an emergency, you can receive support from our technical engineers through remote assistance

On-site support

If your problem cannot be solved with other service modes, we can also send our technical engineer to the site to offer technical support.

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