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Service Description
Professional Automation Integration Service

At present with the change of labor structure and rising of labor cost, more and more enterprises are in an urgent desire to automate their production and processing. Though laser processing is fast and efficient, its singular process and manual loading mode usually affect the overall processing efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, nowadays many enterprises, while using laser equipment for processing, also desire automatic load/unloading, or integration with other processes to realize an efficient production. In order to meet the demands of our customers, TETE Laser will design an automation plan based on the products and production lines of customers while providing them with a laser solution. Compared with the conventional singular laser equipment, the laser equipment equipped with an automation system not only can significantly improve production efficiency, but also can guarantee the product conformity, reduce the defective rate in the production and realize an efficient production.

Service Characteristics
  • 1

    The rich working experience and technical accumulation can fully guarantee the practicality and reliability of automation system for business clients

  • 2

    The professional software and hardware technical support can fully guarantee the efficiency and stability of automation system for business clients


    The totally independent development design can be improved continuously, so that the automation fulfillment and planning can be more flexible and diversified

  • 4

    The fast service process and management mode can fully guarantee the regularity, efficiency and quality of automation services for business clients

  • 5

    The senior background in laser industry can effectively promote business integration and quickly provide the enterprise with professional automation solutions

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