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Features of Laser Marking machine of TETE

Features of Laser Marking machine of TETE

Up to now, TETE Laser has manufactured and sold series of industrial laser processing system and provided professional industrial laser solutions to domestic and overseas customers. Its main products are high precision laser cutting/drilling system, 3D laser marking system, IC specialized double tracks automatic/semi-automatic laser marking system, DPF series--diode pump fiber laser marking system, DPY series- diode side pump laser marking system, UV/Green laser system, DPV series--diode end pump laser marking system, DPF--W series- fiber laser welding system, LPY series--laser welding system, Laser soldering system, CO2 series--laser marking/cutting system, CO2 series—platform laser cutting system. These products are widely used for laser marking, laser welding and laser cutting in various industries. Kinds of laser series meet different processing requirements.

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