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Features of Laser Marking machine of TETE

2016.01.28   泰德激光

As a well-known laser equipment manufacturer, TETE Laser has devoted itself to R&D and application of laser equipment. Up till now, its laser marking equipment includes Fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, Picoseconds laser marking machine, Green laser marking machine, IC laser marking machine and 3D laser marking machine. it has a extensive coverage on many aspects of laser marking processing, meets the processing requirement of various materials and complicated products. It has extensively applied to IC chip, computer accessories, industrial bearing, clock, electronic and communication products, space flight and aviation device, automobile parts, household appliances, hardware tool, moulds, cable wire, food package, ornaments, tobacco and so many other industries. By employ laser marking, these enterprises not only improve their efficiency, but also gain greater economic benefit. Characteristics of TETE laser marking equipment are as bellows.



1、 TETE laser marking equipment adopts all in one design. Their appearances are delicate and occupy a smaller space which effectively raise space usage ratio.

2、 By using leading international brand laser parts and components, the integrated equipment emits high quality laser beam which meet fine marking requirement of all kinds of products. It also meets international standards.

3、 Adopt independently developed control card. It is with stable property, what’s more, it is compatible with related hardware, and by working together, they improve whole performance of the equipment.

4、 On software, software control system independently developed by TETE features with powerful function, simplistic interface and easy operation. And it can also be upgraded to meet customers ‘actual demands. Ultimately achieves the optimized effect.

5、 The equipment makes delicate engraving, the marking line it makes can reach millimeter, even micron meter dimension. It meets the demands by fine and superfine processing.

6、 The combination of laser marking system and CNC technology makes a high efficient automated laser processing system.

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