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Demands of customers

With the improving of laser application level, the increasingly complex laser system has raised higher requirements on professional operation of spare part business. The enterprises urgently wish to reduce investment and operating cost in spare parts and enhance their asset operating efficiency; guarantee a fast and correct supply of spare parts and a stable operation of the equipment; reduce investment in spare part management and focus on core business.

Solutions  and key competencies

TETE’s fast spare part service solution comprises unified service interface, supply of spare parts, warehouse network and inventory management, spare part logistics, multiple suppliers management and integrated management of spare part service, which can provide spare part delivery service within a short time and guarantee a fast and correct delivery.

  • Unified order handling platform

    The quick response from customer service center can guarantee that orders are handled quickly.

  • Reliable supply of spare partssupply

    The global supply center of spare parts guarantees a stable and sufficient supply of spare parts through strategic reserve of spare parts .

  • Standard warehouse   network management

    Through  advanced methodology and designing tool, the system plans a warehouse network architecture and constantly perfects and optimizes it based on the actual operation condition, and establishes an efficient and outstanding warehouse network system.

  • Scientific inventory  management 

    By Through dynamic matching tool and elaborate management of spare parts, it can provide the best inventory that satisfy the needs of customers of network changes and business development and guarantee that the inventory information is correct and complete.

  • First-class spare parts logistics

    A We establish strategic partnership with international logistics providers worldwide, establish a first-class logistics network, to guarantee that spare parts are delivered quickly and shorten the delivery time

  • Professional service management

    We provide door-to-door service of professional engineer. Through mechanisms such as customer satisfaction survey and customer complaint, we manage the professional service performance and service quality of engineers.

Customer`s values and applications

The fast spare part service solution of TETE has been applied extensively worldwide to make an efficient response to spare part service demand of many enterprises, realize a stable and efficient production and reduce the production and operation risks for the enterprises.


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