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Sensor Industry Laser SolutionsLaser Solution For Sensor Industry

Sensor Industry Laser Solutions

While sensors are increasingly miniaturized and tiny, processing technology of sensors is changing. Therefore, to develop and produce sensors with a high accuracy and a high stability, a complete and effective set of manufacturing process must be established. In the previous production of sensors, conventional processes usually were accompanied by problems such as significant deformation, easiness to harm internal components, a low processing precision and a poor stability. Targeting these problems, based on the processing characteristics of sensor industry, TETE Laser has innovatively provided sensor enterprises with professional laser solutions. Such a scheme has effectively overcome problems of conventional processes such as significant deformation and easiness to harm internal components, displays characteristics such as a high precision, a stable performance and easiness to realize automation, particularly suitable for precise processing of sensors. It is currently used by many sensor manufacturers at home and abroad.

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Benefits for customers

Improving processing precision of products:

Adopting professional software control system and image positioning system, it can effectively control intensity of light beam and positioning precision, and realize a precise processing

Satisfying volume production:

Adopting open interface design, it is easy to realize automation and can integrate with the automatic production line of the client.

With strong adaptability to environment:

With a good stability and a strong immunity from interference, it does not affect magnetism and air and can satisfy processing requirements of sensors under different environments.

Improving sensor’s performance:

The innovative laser application and process is characterized by processing firmness and elegance, a high strength and tenacity, which can effectively improve the comprehensive performance of sensors.

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