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Household Appliances Industry Laser SolutionsLaser Solution For Household Appliances Industry

Household Appliances Industry Laser Solutions

At present the household appliance industry is under a key turning stage in the frontline of intelligentization. With the shortage of labor and rising of labor cost, and declining of profit rate, transformation and upgrade is urgently needed by the labor intensive industry--household appliance manufacturing industry. Smart manufacturing and advanced laser processing are pursued by different enterprises in these two years. The original development mode of low cost and large scale is no longer sustainable; the transformation and upgrade towards high end and smartness has become the key to achieve a breakthrough in household appliance industry.

Under the background of transformation and upgrade of household appliance industry, relying on innovative application processes such as laser welding, marking and cutting, TETE Laser effectively applies laser processing technology in today’s manufacturing of household appliances, like cutting and welding of alloy case of washing machine, fridge and air-conditioner, deep engraving and cleaning of moulds; marking of operation instructions and brand logos of household appliance shells; punching and cutting of metal parts and plastic fittings; punching and micro-welding of internal circuit board of household appliance. It provides a more efficient and precise processing solution for today’s manufacturing of household appliance.

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Benefits for customers

Improving automation of household appliance production

With a professional computer software control system and open interface setting, it can realize a flexible combination and automatic production in accordance with process requirement.

Improving quality of household appliance

With a high processing preciseness and a good repeatability, it does not harm the surface of materials; adopting software programming, it can effectively guarantee the quality of household appliance

High-end configuration:

Adopting precise laser components, with a good quality of light beam, the focal spot is small, so it can mark precisely

Improving designs of household appliance:

With leading 2D and 3D processing technologies, it can excellently finish processing of household appliances of different sizes, shapes and positions.

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