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Battery industry Laser solutionLaser Solution For Battery Industry

 Battery industry Laser solution

As a leading enterprise in the field of laser, TETE Laser has innovatively raised a laser solution for battery industry. The solution can be freely deployed with manipulators, pneumatic head, feeding system, discharge system and motion control system to form a high-accuracy automation system. Meanwhile, the solution can be adjusted in all directions in the 3D space and realize perfect processing in different angles.

At present, TETE Laser boasts all-round competitiveness in battery industry, with several processing technologies such as precise welding, precise cutting and precise marking. Meanwhile, it can also realize system integration and form a complete product line. Relying on its advantages in technology and process, TETE Laser has solved tough issues of battery industry such as many processing areas, a high difficulty, and a higher requirement on processing technology, satisfied the processing requirements of cores and packs of different kinds of battery such as prismatic, cylindrical, soft-pack and 18650 batteries and realized a high production efficiency of battery industry.

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Benefits for customers

 Satisfying volume production:

With a high flexibility, it can combine different processes and satisfy the large-scale production of battery industry

Improving consistency of battery:

With a processing detection system and an accurate control system, it can guarantee the consistency of battery in each manufacturing node

Improving safety of battery:

With an outstanding processing effect, it can improve processing technology of battery with characteristics such as processing firmness, a good air tightness, and freedom of harm to surface of materials.

Improving flexibility of battery production:

Adopting a professional computer software control system, it is easy to realize automation, flexible to operate and features a high degree of processing freedom.

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