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Connector industry Laser solution Laser Solution For Connector Industry

Connector industry Laser solution

With rapid development of modern electronic science and technology, connectors become increasingly tiny, high-speed mobile and smart. Products are increasingly tiny, processing preciseness of products is increasingly high and the process is increasingly complex. For today’s manufacturers of connectors, it has become their largest challenge how to effectively achieve a precise, reliable and efficient processing of connectors.

For tough issues faced by connector processing, TETE relies on its many years of technical accumulation and achieves an organic combination of advanced laser processing and today’s connector processing, providing the industry with professional laser solutions. Through an all-round accurate control and simple and convenient visible operation, the scheme helps today’s connector enterprises overcome tough issues such as a low processing accuracy, a low efficiency and processing instability, and effectively improves the quality of connector products.

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Benefits for customers   

Improving reliability of products:

With a good air-tightness, free of harm to processing surface, cracks and bubbles, it can effectively improve the electrical and mechanical performance of connectors.

Making processing more flexible:

Adopting computer software control technology, and a precise and programmable control, it can realize flexible processing based on actual needs of connectors.。

Realizing accurate processing:

It can focus the laser beam to a very small dimension, so that connectors that are more accurate and of more complete functions within a limited space.

Reducing production cost:

The laser beam with the best technical quality not only can improve processing technology, but also simplify assembly flow of connectors.

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