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Packaging Industry Laser SolutionsLaser Solution For Packaging Industry

Packaging  Industry Laser Solutions

In recent years, with the rapid development of high and new technologies, the development and application of laser technology in the field of packaging has attracted more and more attention. Laser processing can enhance the technical level of packaging industry and the ranking and additional value of products. To meet the processing requirements of modern packaging, based on the processing characteristics of packaging industry, TETE has created a laser solution for packaging industry. The solution adopts computer software and mechanical-electrical integration control, can realize automatic control and regulation, and can easily be integrated into a production line to automate the entire processing system.

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Benefits for umtomers

Improving safety of products

Free of consumable, it does not generate any hazardous chemicals to human body and the environment and can realize green packaging of products.。

Improving production efficiency:

Designed exclusively for concentrated and flexible production of packaging industry to reduce time and cost of product packaging to the largest extent.

Increasing additional value of products:

With an extremely high processing accuracy and a correct control, its wonderful technical performance makes products flawless and more high-ranking.

 Strengthening product management:

Applied in packaging industry, it not only can effectively guard against counterfeit product marking, but also facilitate tracking of product information.。

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