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Cellphone Industry Laser SolutionsLaser Solution For Mobile Phone Industry

Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions

With technological progress witnessed by electronics industry and our demand for mobilephone individuality, mobilephone industry is developing towards integration and high precision, with its components becoming increasingly tiny and processing technology becoming increasingly complex. As a pioneer in laser industry, TETE Laser relies on its own technical strength, achieves an organic combination of laser application technology and modern mobilephone manufacturing technology, and solves a lot of tough issues in production of mobilephone, such as cutting of mobilephone shell, manufacturing of main board, marking of keyboard and chip and engraving and punching of receiver, earphone and ornaments. It has covered the shortages of conventional process and offered more accurate and efficient processing solutions for the manufacturing of mobilephone. In addition, the advanced laser application technology has provided you with complete laser application process, which will not only satisfy your diversified processing needs, but also will bring more considerable economic benefit to your processing and production.

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Benefits for customers

Increasing additional value of mobilephone

With the application of outstanding laser technology, mobilephone can appear more high-ranking and brands can be more popular.

Making mobilephone production more stable

With the application of smart control system and accurate positioning system, it can guarantee the yield rate and conformance of mobilephone products to the largest extent。

Improving functions and designs of mobilephone

With outstanding light beam quality, it can meet the requirements of accurate processing of mobilephone and make mobilephone components more tiny and exquisite.

Improving production efficiency of mobilephone:

Simple and flexible to operate, with a high automation degree, it simplifies the processing flow, and shortens the processing time.。

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