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Automobile industry Laser solutions Laser Solution For Auto Industry

Automobile industry Laser solutions

With the growing demand of global auto market, while automobile becomes increasingly smart at a fast speed, advanced manufacturing technologies such as laser technology keep facilitating the renewal and upgrade of automobile manufacturing industry. The combination of advanced laser manufacturing technology and automobile production has become an inevitable trend. Relying on its exploration in the field of accurate processing, TETE Laser has achieved an organic combination of accurate laser processing and modern auto manufacturing technology, and provided auto industry with laser solutions in three areas, laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking. Through complete laser application process, it has not only realized an integration with different processes, but also integrated and optimized the entire auto processing flow. It has significantly satisfied the requirements of accurate processing of different auto parts and components, effectively reduced the production costs of cars, enhanced the production efficiency and brought considerable economic benefits to the modern auto manufacturing industry.


Laser welding solution for automobile

TETE laser welding solution for automobile comprises a whole series of efficient laser welding systems, visible solution and automation solution, which achieves a perfect combination of laser welding technology and modern auto manufacturing and realizes a point-to-point accurate control. The laser welding solution for automobile helps automobile manufacturers realize accurate and seamless welding, reduces the weight of cars, improves assembly accuracy of cars and increase the rigidity of cars, providing a feasible scheme for the development of light cars in the future.。

In recent years, auto manufacturing has developed with a strong momentum, which has stimulated the development of laser welder industry. Modern cars emphasize practical performance and economy and beauty. All sorts of pre-manufactured structural components and parts are assembled and put together through welding or riveting. Applying good welding technology and process can effectively reduce the number of welding spots, optimize the use of materials, reduce the weight of components and reduce the costs. At present the conventional welding modes are low in efficiency and accuracy and prone to deformation, thus difficult to meet the demand of auto manufacturers for accurate welding and low costs.

The solution adopts a modular design, is deployed with advanced precise laser components and visual positioning system and is able to realize accurate and efficient welding. Its advantages include a high welding depth-width ratio, flat and nice welding seam, freedom of post-welding treatment or simple treatment, freedom of air holes, a precise control, a high positioning accuracy and realization of automation. It can help automobile manufacturers solve problems such as a low efficiency of welding, proneness to deformation and a low precision, and is thus extensively applied in many areas of modern automobile manufacturing. Meanwhile, the solution can also be deployed with related equipment for technical improvement in related aspects, realize a flexible and automatic welding and help automobile related enterprises make more profits.

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Benefits for customers

Improving functions and designs of automobile:

Highly flexible, it can intelligentize the automobile manufacturing and diversify the models and designs of automobile

Improving overall performance of automobile:

It can achieve a perfect combination of laser process and modern automobile manufacturing, and improve the automobiles structural strength, quality and dimensional accuracy.

Satisfying different processing requirements of automobile

An extremely high flexibility is achieved from its modular design and innovative technology, which can meet the diversified processing demands of automobile manufacturing.

Reducing production costs:

It can reduce the processing steps of automobile and assembly cost of automobile, and thus lower the cost for modern automobile manufacturing.

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