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UV Laser Marking System

UV Laser Marking System

In a strict pursuit of exquisiteness, we offer an unrivaled technical quality

● With advanced technical assurance, no frequency doubling crystal needs to be replaced, which can indeed reduce the operating cost

● New UV-Laser adopts simplified optical design which improve its reliability.

● Fully enclosed design which highly enhances safety during processing.

● New design and selective components can guarantee a long service life of the system


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UV Laser Marking System

UV Laser Marking System

With advanced technical assurance, no frequency doubling crystal needs to be replaced

The simplified optical design enhances the reliability of products


With such characteristics as an extremely small focal spot, a fast processing speed, and a small heat affected zone, it is mainly used for accurate marking of materials such as glass, liquid crystal display, textile, thin ceramic sheet, semi-conductor silicon wafer, IC crystalline grain, sapphire and thin polyester film.

Relevant Solution
  • Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions
    Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions

    With the technological progress of micro-electronics industry and our pursuit of individuality of mobilephone, elaborate laser processing technology has been playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing of mobilephone.

  • Automobile industry Laser solutions
    Automobile industry Laser solutions

    At present, advanced manufacturing technologies such as laser technology keep promoting the renewal and upgrade of automobile manufacturing industry. The combination of advanced laser manufacturing technology and automobile production has become an irresistible trend.

  • Sensor Industry Laser Solutions
    Sensor Industry Laser Solutions

    Driven by precise processing represented by laser technology, sensors are increasingly miniaturized and tiny.

  • Connector industry Laser solution
    Connector industry Laser solution

    At present driven by advanced technologies such as precise processing technology, connectors become increasingly tiny, high-speed mobile and smart.

Relevant Application

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