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DPY- Laser Marking System

DPY-Laser Marking System

Leading Design ● Compact Structure ● Stable Performance

● Rapid cache transmission control to ensure continuous work in long time and capacity.

● Choice optical and electronic elements to ensure continuous work in long time

● The optimized control system design can guarantee the yield rate of processed products

● The machine is small, compact, nice and portable


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DPY- Laser Marking System

DPY- Laser Marking System

The ideal laser mode is suitable for super-accurate processing

The reasonable control system design can guarantee the yield rate of products


Integrated with the highest standard configuration of the industry, it can mark accurately with a low processing cost, a stable performance and a high reliability. It can satisfy successive full-load operation, and is suitable for continuous production on a large scale, with a strong anti-interference performance to the industrial production environment.

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Relevant Application

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