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Ultrafast Laser Marking System

Ultrafast laser marking system

Fine and precise, fast and traceless

● The heat affected area is so small that it can be neglected, without micro-cracks

● Almost compatible with any material, it can realize a deep processing on most materials

● Adopting dedicated software with a user-friendly interface, it is suitable for the setting of precise parameters and processes

● The section is clean and flat, maintaining the original quality of the material


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Ultrafast Laser Marking System

Ultrafast Laser Marking System

With a strong processing capacity, a good processing quality, a high processing efficiency

it can satisfy different processing requirements such as high grade and precision, advanced technology, hardness and difficulty


It is suitable for applications that seek fineness and accuracy, loss-free sensitiveness, tidiness and flatness, characterized by “cold processing”. It can solve the processing difficulties of thin, brittle and hard materials such as ceramics, silicon wafer, glass, sapphire, heat sensitive materials such as metal and high molecular materials and all kinds of viscous, leather and tough materials.

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