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With rising of market shares, TETE Laser has constantly expanded its scope of businesses as well. Up to now, TETE Laser owns a extensive service network as well as a globally covered marketing network, it has supplied laser solutions to customers from USA, EU, Japan, S.Korea, India, Canada, Australia and so on.

 China Marketing Network

Upholding a philosophy of Users Demands, Pursuit of TETE, Total Involvement, Constant Improvement, we cooperate closely with users, seek sustainable development together, try to maximize benefits for users, promote the markets sustainable and healthy development, so that industrial customers, agents and the company will grow together and form a complete marketing and service system.


TETE Laser has established a complete marketing network. It has set up 18 offices and 21 platforms at home, which are distributed in the main central cities of China. “Close to Users, Extending Services”, our sales service network distributed nationwide guarantees that we can make a timely and quick response to the demands of our customers.

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