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Laser Welding System

Flexible and convenient for processing, easy for system integration

● Energy negative feedback technology is employed to improve the repeatability of the energy transmitted by the laser

● Waveform can be adjusted according to shape and material of workpiece.

● The light beam can be split based on energy or time to realize simultaneous or sequential welding.

● It can communicate with other system through I/O connectors.


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Fiber Laser Welding System

Fiber Laser Welding System

The system adopts a modular design and a compact structure

Equipped with a high-performance optical fiber laser device and precise components and parts


It can realize processing methods such as spot welding, butt welding or stitch welding, with two modes of welding, successive and pulse welding, which can be selected based on the actual situation; meanwhile, the equipment is highly reliable and can work continuously and stably for 24 hours, which can satisfy the requirements of mass processing in the industry.

Relevant Solution
  • Automobile industry Laser solutions
    Automobile industry Laser solutions

    At present, advanced manufacturing technologies such as laser technology keep promoting the renewal and upgrade of automobile manufacturing industry. The combination of advanced laser manufacturing technology and automobile production has become an irresistible trend.

  •  Battery industry Laser solution
    Battery industry Laser solution

    By introducing laser process into the manufacturing of battery, it can make production more efficient, the battery structure more compact and improve the reliability and prolong service life of battery.

  • Packaging  Industry Laser Solutions
    Packaging Industry Laser Solutions

    In recent years, with the rapid development of high and new technologies, the development and application of laser technology in the field of packaging has attracted more and more attention.

  • Connector industry Laser solution
    Connector industry Laser solution

    At present driven by advanced technologies such as precise processing technology, connectors become increasingly tiny, high-speed mobile and smart.

Relevant Application

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