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Laser Welding MachinePrecision Laser Welding System

Laser Welding MachineLaser Welding Machine

The wonderful light beam quality can guarantee the processing quality

Adopting quality imported components and parts to guarantee the reliability of products


Can be used for precise welding of tiny parts and components, all kinds of spot welding and repair welding of moulds.

Extensively applied in precise welding and processing of fields such as electronics, automotive, medicine, communication, hardware, clock & watch, jewelry, sports goods and moulds.

  • DPF series-Fiber Laser Welding System(Galvanometer Type All-in-One Machine)
    DPF series-Fiber Laser Welding System(Galvanometer Type All-in-One Machine)

    The laser welder adopts a scientific and compact design and an air cooling technology, occupying the smallest space. Meanwhile, it also boasts a high electrical conversion efficiency and an extremely low operating cost.

  • Laser Welding System+X-Y stage
    Laser Welding System+X-Y stage

    The laser welder comes with highly reliable and high-quality imported components and parts. Meanwhile, it can be equipped with an X-Y mobile platform, which has a broad processing range and is highly flexible.

  • Laser Soldering System
    Laser Soldering System

    Replacing the conventional electric iron-tin soldering, it adopts CCD monitoring and positioning, boasting a high accuracy, suitable for accurate welding of various precise electronic components and parts.

  • DPF Series-Laser Welding System
    DPF Series-Laser Welding System

    The laser welder features a quality light beam, which can realize high-speed welding of different materials. Meanwhile, its open port configuration can satisfy the highly customized processing demands of the customers.

  • DPF Series-Fiber Laser Welding System(integrated machine with galvanometer scanner)
    DPF Series-Fiber Laser Welding System(integrated machine with galvanometer scanner)

    The laser welder realize simultaneous or sequential welding through energy-based or time-based beam splitting. Meanwhile, the advanced energy negative feedback technology can guarantee processing stability.

  • DPF-Fiber Laser Welding System (integrated machine with X-Y stage)
    DPF-Fiber Laser Welding System (integrated machine with X-Y stage)

    The laser welder features an X-Y mobile platform, high flexibility and reliability, which can satisfy the diversified welding requirements of complex products of the customers.

  • Laser Welding System+Robot
    Laser Welding System+Robot

    With highly flexible manipulator(s), the laser welder is suitable for multi-plane three-dimension welding. Meanwhile, its advanced software and hardware system guarantees processing accuracy and reliability.

  • Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions
    Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions

    With the technological progress of micro-electronics industry and our pursuit of individuality of mobilephone, elaborate laser processing technology has been playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing of mobilephone.

  • Sensor Industry Laser Solutions
    Sensor Industry Laser Solutions

    Driven by precise processing represented by laser technology, sensors are increasingly miniaturized and tiny.

  •  Battery industry Laser solution
    Battery industry Laser solution

    By introducing laser process into the manufacturing of battery, it can make production more efficient, the battery structure more compact and improve the reliability and prolong service life of battery.

  • Connector industry Laser solution
    Connector industry Laser solution

    At present driven by advanced technologies such as precise processing technology, connectors become increasingly tiny, high-speed mobile and smart.

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