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High Precision Laser Cutting System

Leading Design ● Striving for Perfection ● Natural

● Our independently developed cutting software comes with a user-friendly operation interface and a stable operation system

● The high accuracy of positioning and re-positioning can realize accurate cutting of products

● Closed design is adopted for the processing area and the visible window’s radiation protection treatment can guarantee processing safety

● It can be loaded/unloaded manually or automatically online


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Precision Laser Cutting System

Precision Laser Cutting System

The system adopts a software and hardware system independently developed by TETE

Equipped with original imported precise laser device and a micro-processing laser head


With the function of CCD automatic alignment, it can be used for cutting in random shapes, with a stable and reliable operation, a high accuracy.Easy to operate and convenient for maintenance, it is very suitable for processing sapphire, ceramic wafer and metal materials.

Relevant Solution
  • Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions
    Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions

    With the technological progress of micro-electronics industry and our pursuit of individuality of mobilephone, elaborate laser processing technology has been playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing of mobilephone.

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