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Laser Cutting MachinePrecision Laser Cutting System

Laser Cutting MachineLaser Cutting Machine

The independently developed cutting software is simple to operate and has a stable performance

The selective accessories can guarantee a high accuracy of positioning and re-positioning

It is applied flexibly and extensively, with an extraordinary technical quality and a convenient and reliable operation interface

It can perfectly cut metal and non-metal materials, and can also be used for punching and marking out a line on ceramic wafer of integrated circuit.

  • Cutting Head & Moveable Platform for Cutting System
    Cutting Head & Moveable Platform for Cutting System

    Adopting a high-accuracy linear motor or an accurate screw, a metal or marble base, which can guarantee the accuracy of positioning and re-positioning.

  • CO2 Series-Laser Cutting System
    CO2 Series-Laser Cutting System

    The laser cutter adopts a high-accuracy control main-board and imported laser components and parts. With a high-quality laser beam and a high processing accuracy, it can realize accurate cutting of a large area.

  • CO2series--Planar Laser Cutting System
    CO2series--Planar Laser Cutting System

    Servo driver configuration, high cutting speed, high cutting without sawtooth,high production efficiency.The flexible design of these optics allows the laser beam to be focused in high power density and move smoothly in X-Y direction.

  • 扫描头+运动平台切割系统Scanning head+
    扫描头+运动平台切割系统Scanning head+

    The laser cutter’s processing zone adopts a fully closed design, equipped with a marble base, CCD positioning, a high-speed scanning head. Its accurate and reliable processing performance is very suitable for accurate cutting in the field of micro-processing.

  • Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions
    Cellphone Industry Laser Solutions

    With the technological progress of micro-electronics industry and our pursuit of individuality of mobilephone, elaborate laser processing technology has been playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing of mobilephone.

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