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  • How to prevent us from laser damage?

    Q:Laser products are harmful to human body, so how can we protect ourselves in the use of laser?


    Laser is a light beam with high brightness, power and energy. A strong laser light may cause burn to our skin. Direct shining or reflection from a bright (mirror) surface of a laser light into eyes will inflict a permanent harm and even cause blindness to our eyes. Therefore, to avoid harm, we must avoid exposing any part of our body to the travel route of laser light. Special attention should be paid to protection of eyes and skin.

    Different types of laser will cause different harms to human body. In laser processing, usually CO2 and YAG laser devices are used most often. YAG laser may harm the retina. Since the wavelength of YAG laser is extremely high in transmittance to eyes, its harm is more serious. The harm of CO2 laser mainly causes burn to our cornea. Exposure to the two kinds of laser may lead to cataract and burn the skin. Therefore, in adjusting the laser, we should adopt corresponding protection measures in accordance with the type of laser.

    Meanwhile, we should also pay attention to fire control. In the laser processing, auxiliary gas will often be used. Plus there are sparks in the processing, it is easy to make a fire. Therefore, flammable and explosive articles are strictly forbidden in the working area. Corresponding protection facilities shall also be in place.

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